AVIVO arose out of vision, passion, and experience.

Our mission is to bring you delicious, healthy, affordable wine that actively sequesters carbon.

Everything we do derives from that: what we grow, how we farm, how we produce our wine, even how it is packaged.

We’re transparent about everything, because we want to make it easy for others to follow our lead by converting from conventional, carbon-emissive farming to regenerative, carbon-sequestering practices.

That fosters a goal we all share: making a better, healthier planet.

And, of course, making better, healthier wine for you in the process.

Our journey began over 20 years ago with the surprising realization that all of California’s wine-growing areas share a Mediterranean climate!

It surprised us because nearly all of the winegrapes grown in California are native to Bordeaux (Cabernet, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc) or Burgundy (Pinot Noir, Chardonnay), which have cool, wet summers — very different than summers in the Mediterranean. Or California.

We knew that wine is made from over 1,500 different grape varieties in Europe, which led us to wonder whether the core decision of what to grow in California might be mistaken.

So we undertook the experiment of growing Italian grape varieties, and were delighted by the obvious balance of the vines and the naturally-high quality of the wines. That success enabled us to abandon the conventional, carbon-emissive practices common across the state in favor of regenerative farming.

Better wines. Better climate.



All of our vineyards are either Biodynamic®, or in transition to Biodynamic, as certified by Demeter USA. This is the highest form of regenerative farming — going well beyond organic. It starts with the premise that farms are living organisms, and focuses on the health of the whole farm: the intentional crops and animals, the wild plants and animals, and the farmers themselves.

Simply put: if the whole farm is healthy, the crops will be, too.

Our growing understanding of microbiology explains what humans have instinctively known for centuries: healthy soil is the foundation. The techniques of Biodynamics — composts, cover crops, farm-sourced ammendments, beneficial insects, nominal tillage, and diversity — all support Nature by building soil health and organic matter, which fosters biodiversity, improves water-holding capacity, and naturally sequesters carbon.

This approach to farming is why AVIVO is one of just three American wine brands that are certified to be free of glyphosate (RoundUp®) residue.

All of this is better for you, and the planet. And makes better wine.

Demeter-certified Biodynamic
Demeter-certified in conversion to Biodynamic
Certified Gloyposate-free by The Detox Project


We’re slowly expanding our distribution, but the wines are still in limited supply. If you can’t find our wines at your favorite retailer, please do us the favor of letting us know who and where they are!

We also have the ability to ship wine directly to adults in most states; again, please let us know if you’re interested.


ALC. 14.2% BY VOL.

Our Red is a delightful blend built upon Sangiovese, known across Italy for great wines in many styles. What they all have in common is they’re versatile, delicious, wonderfully sophisticated, and incredibly food-friendly.

Sangiovese naturally does exactly the same here, especially when farmed Biodynamically. Ours is a very approachable expression that pairs easily with a remarkably wide range of dishes from burgers to pastas to roast chicken to salmon to…


ALC. 12.5% BY VOL.

AVIVO White celebrates Vermentino. One of Italy’s most highly-regarded whites, grown along the coastal areas of Liguria and Tuscany and the island of Sardinia, it produces wines that are crisp and refreshing — delicious with food, yet delightful on their own.

Here in California, it exhibits those same characteristics, along with a captivating nose that really reflects the local terroir.

It’s especially good with seafood, chicken, salads, and lighter pastas.


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